The Power of Sound


My tool: H4N recorder


When I think about why I do Human Frequency Street Docs, I realize that it fulfills a need in me for connection.  I don’t think its merely coincidence that all of my interviews begin with capturing the sound file. It’s not insignificant that hours later during the editing process, a stranger’s voice can bring me right back to the minute or two that we stood face to face.  Sound is a powerful and primal energy.  As developing embryos our senses are shaped by what’s going on inside the womb.

Yet our very first sensory connection to the outside world is through sound!

My filmmaking process reflects this preeminence that sounds has in our lives by relying on a handheld recorder to capture the story before I ask to take video and/or stills.



I am also shamelessly fascinated by the ways in which our distinctly unique stories seem to intersect, dovetail and sometimes collide.  The way an exchange student from Japan and an emerging fashion designer from the Philippines smile the same smile when asked about their best friends.  The way a Sri Lankan father of two grimaces at the memory of war, while a bird activist suffering from epilepsy balks at the idea of fighting in one.  It has been said that these are curious times. I would add that it is our universally unique lives that make it so.


In an age when one would rather consult a Smartphone over a pedestrian for directions, I find it refreshing if not revolutionary to walk up to a stranger and say, “Tell me a story”.

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