What does it mean to have “mommy issues”?



Back in the 90’s, trying to sort through this question and my own heap of mommy issues, I picked up Nancy Friday’s “My Mother, My Self”. It’s been about 16 years since reading this national bestseller, but the understanding – that at the time pulled me through an emotional wringer – guides me today. A mom cannot be EVERYTHING to her child. ALEX’S honest and heartbreaking story of her own biological mother’s shortcomings reminded me of this painful truth. But when she spoke of Jocelyn, her grandmom. The woman who for all intents and purposes was her mother, I was also reminded that where our mothers fall short, the Universe has a way of providing grams, aunties, sisters, angels and superheroes. Just another example of how we’re all connected in this intricate and caring web of love, tears and cherished last days.

Rest Peacefully Jocelyn Engles | November 19, 1916 – January 8, 2012


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