NAKED: Christef

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Christef Boots

It was actually my friend who spotted Christef first. “Hey! That’s the dude who was wearing just a pair of boots at World Pride”. I didn’t bother to ask my friend how he recognized Christef with clothes on, but I knew I needed to speak with this handsome, vibrant man.

As with every “stranger” I’ve encountered on my Human Frequency journey, Christef was more than happy to sit down with me and share aspects of his life. Whether speaking of his bold Pride Day attire or his interest in hypnosis, this writer-actor-philosopher exuded sincerity, kindness and charm. His lesson on how vulnerability can be perceived as courage has really stayed with me. It’s a lesson that can colour the way we interact with each other, as well as a way of clothing ourselves with compassion in times of struggle. Thank you, Christef.

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