The Village II

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Judy and Moira_2871

If you’ve watched Junior’s Human Frequency streetdoc from a couple weeks back, you’ll recall his prophetic words about the healing that is possible if we as a people return to the village.

I am beginning to understand that “the village” is not a metaphor. It’s not some philosophical ideal or euphemism for the actual disconnection that characterizes our so-called global networks. The village is a way of life. A location within our cities, towns, urban centres that allows for a particular way of life. A unique way of moving through the world.

For Judy, The Annex- her village is 700 square kilometres of tree lined streets, parks, century homes and historical landmarks like the world renowned Honest Eds Emporium founded in 1948. To hear her speak of her love for her neighbourhood was to see in full frame the picture Junior painted when he said that with “time, support and security”, the village is a place where we as a people can “lie on our backs and look to the heavens”.

One Human Frequency. Tune In™

Song: Tollhouse
Artist Podington Bear